Note: this entry only applies to Roadie 1. For information about Roadie 2 please refer to the Roadie 2 tutorial.

This means that Roadie was not capable of tuning your string to the required accuracy, this can be due to many reasons:

1- Your string might require calibration: In order to turn calibration mode “on” you need to open your instrument’s page on the app, and open the side menu and you will see the calibrate switch on/off in there.

2-You have really old strings installed and the string’s frequency varies a lot when you pluck. In this case it would be useful if you move the 2nd slider in the control panel to “Fast”

3- There is high friction at the nut of the your instrument causing the string to jump in frequency and make a cracking sound when tuning. There are many lubricants out there that you could apply to the nut and string in order to reduce the friction.
Our simple and efficient solution is to rub lead from a pencil into the grove on the nut where the string goes. This will create a layer of residues that will allow the string to slide smoothly on the nut.