Note: this entry only applies to Roadie 1. or information about Roadie 2 please refer to the Roadie 2 tutorial.

So, the tuning process seems quite slow, time-consuming, inefficient, or inaccurate? This article might help.

When you are in the Instrument screen and you press tune/calib on any string (and Roadie is connected), and you pluck the string, the circles on top of the screen should light up indicating that audio is being detected and Roadie should start rotating.

If this is not the case then please go to the control panel and move the 1st slider to the left (towards quiet) as indicated in the following screenshot. This should make the microphone more sensitive to sound. This also works when plugged in using the Roadie Jack. 


This tutorial here might further help in this process.

No more than 1-2 red circles should light up on the screen when you are not plucking a string. When plucking a string, you should see 3-5 circles light up. If you see 3-5 circles light up when you are not plucking a string, move the Mic Sensitivity slider towards “noisy”.

To further increase tuning speed, you can also adjust the speed slider towards "Fast" instead of "Accurate", to increase tuning speed.

If you are tuning an electric guitar using the Roadie Jack make sure the volume knob on the guitar is set to its maximum.