Understanding the learning levels of the Coach app

Modified on Mon, 31 Jul 2023 at 03:16 PM

After picking your song, there are three main levels for learning with the Coach App: Discover, Practice and Perform. Each of these levels has two sub-levels. 


  • Discover Chords: This level will guide you on how to place your fingers to form each chord of the song and strum it properly. You can press the "I need help" button for further details. 
  • Discover Song: Here, the app will play the song for you at a slow tempo. It will guide you on the chords you need to hold and the strumming pattern (up or down). In this level, if you play the chord incorrectly, the song will pause and wait for you to play it correctly before resuming. 


  • Practice Chords: In this level, the app will play the song for you at a slightly higher tempo than Discover Chords. You will only focus on chords here and not strumming. This time, the song will not pause if you make a mistake and the app will grade you according to your performance. 
  • Practice Strumming: This level is like the earlier step of Practice Chords but with an added challenge of strumming patterns. The app will score your total performance for both chords and strumming.  


  • Perform Song: If you're at this stage, you're on the final lesson for learning and perfecting your song. The song will play at the original tempo speed, with no pausing, and will score you based on your total performance. Try and get those 3 stars. 
  • Perform Karaoke Tabs: Allows you to perform the entire song at your own pace with optional backing tracks. In this stage, you can see all the tabs and lyrics on one page.

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